World War I – Wing Remembers

On the 8th November 2014 the Heritage Group held its very first exhibition, Wing Remembers WWI.

Here you can explore the photographs, artefacts and research carried out by the group.

Wing Heritage Group would like to thank the following people and groups, as without them the event would not have been possible!

Leighton Buzzard and District Archaeology and Heritage Society for the loan of the photos of Leighton and Linslade during WWI

Western Front Association for the freebies and display

All Saint’s Church for running the cafe

Published poet Caroline Davies for her talk on tracing war graves and reading her poems

Helen McGwyre for reading her latest story

Those who kindly donated artefacts for the event

Wing Community Library for running the Ancestry in the library so visitors could trace their relatives

And finally Peter Roe, ex-617 Squadron, for taking on the role of Recruiting Officer for the day!

We will be holding other commemorative events during the next 3 years so please get in touch if you have something you would like to share with us. Thank you.

WWI The Beginning, Event Photos, Artefacts, Enlistment,

Buckinghamshire Battalion Force, Underage Soldiers,

Voluntary Aid Detachments 

You can also view the Wing Parish Magazines from 1914 to 1918 at as well as other details relating to the war that has been collated by our Chair, Sarah Roe.


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