March update

We are now in the process of setting dates so will update the website very soon! We want this project to involve as many people as possible so if you know someone who may be interested pass our details along!


Thanks to Leighton Buzzard and District Historical and Archaeological Society we are now proud owners of 2 1920s maps as well as the field names of Ascott. The maps are in need of repair but once mended they will be available during the times we are out and about in the village.

Interesting bits

If you have anything that might be interesting for the project then please let us know. If it is precious we can take a copy or photo of it so you can safely keep it. My latest find was a book on tactical bombing stamped with Sergeant’s Mess, RAF Wing. Now sitting on my desk as part if the project.

We are getting there!

If you have been in touch with us but not heard back, don’t worry it is a very busy time at the moment and we willlbe in touch with a newsletter very soon. So much exciting work is going on that I am losing track!


February News

There is now a working party for Heritage and the first meeting was at the beginning of February. We are now working in partnership with Archaeological Services and Consultancy Ltd, Buckinghamshire Archaeology Society and Leighton Buzzard Historical and Archaeological Society. The minutes will be posted up here after our next meeting in March. 

We are looking for more information to go on the website so if you have anything of interest then please let us know. Also don’t forget to fill in the Wing Parish Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire where you can help shape our future plans for our past heritage!


Wing Parish Council History

When going through files a couple of months ago the picture of the first Wing Rural District Council in 1894 came to light and a printed history up until 1987. This has now been added to the Parish Council website and can be visited by the link. If anyone knows who has written this and when then please let me know so I can properly credit it. Thank you

Saxon girl

This is the recreation head of the Saxon skull used by Meet the Ancestors in 1999. Current research shows that Wing was not the sleepy small village that they believed!

Recovering the Past

C Sally

Have you ever spared the time to wonder,
Wonder how the past survives
In the world of change that has to overtake our lives?
Looking to the future with an eye upon the past,
Hoping that the finer things will last –
And what we hope for
And what we fight for
And what lies hidden ’til tomorrow
Will make us think again:
These are the times,
Times to remember.
This is the key to our future …
These are the days,
Days we should treasure –
This is the key to the future from the past.

Have you ever thought about the people,
People who lived long ago
Born into an age before the modern one we know?
Did they see their children’s children learning, as we do,
All about the life and times they knew,
When what they hoped for
And what they fought for
And what became of their tomorrows
Would make them think again:
These are the times,
Times to remember.
This is the key to our future …
These are the days,
Days we should treasure –
This is the key to the future from the past.

Poem written in 1999 for the Overstone School Time Capsule. Given to Meet the Ancestors team with £1.00 in exchange for the Wing head.

December update

Thank you to all those who have already signed up for our garden archaeology digs, we are looking for more so if you haven’t signed up yet then put your name below or email us at

We currently have gardens in the following areas:

Moorhills Road; Dormer Avenue; High Street; Littleworth; Hawthorn Way; Soulbury Road; Vicarage Lane; Church Street and Rothschild Road.

Sign up and see what is under your garden!

Welcome to the Wing Heritage Project

This is an exciting project to find out as much as possible about the history of the parish of Wing in Buckinghamshire.

With archaeological projects, Finds Days, Listed Building Surveys, Oral History projects there is plenty to get involved with.

Keep up to date with the latest findings and goings on as well as adding your own memories, photos and family history.