Wing’s well


This well is now situated down Church Street but it wasn’t always there. Sadly due to a serious illness that struck the village they were not able to join in the celebration of the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. The Rev. T. Ouvry decreed that ‘[I]nstead, it was proposed to make good and permanent record of the day, by making a beneficial gift to the people, this, by constructing a good deep well with a pump, and having on it, an inscription of the date and the event for which it had been constructed.’ (LBO March 1863.)

Wing has a very high water table, as anyone who tries to walk in the fields after it has rained knows! This meant it was easy for the village to obtain water, but also meant it was easy for it to be contaminated. The deep well was set up at The Pound, which is at the top of Vicarage Lane, so people could gain easy access to it. The sickness was so bad that a 1/7th of the population of the village was stricken by it and the Medical Officer for Health, Dr. Ord, concluded that it was ‘the refuse, the manure and the cess pools as well as unclean, ill ventilated and overcrowded conditions’ (LBO 14, April, 1863). The well was the start of a new era in the village, within the next decade and beyond the hovels would be replaced by proper brick built houses, still seen today around the village. The biggest of that new development was New Road, now Rothschild Road.


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