One thing we are always asked is what sort of things do we find when we dig in the gardens of Wing, so here are some of the artefacts that we have found. Each one is linked to the test pit where they were discovered as well as a brief account of the history behind them. We only have 2015 at the moment as we have no pottery report for 2016 an 2017 as yet. Apologies also for the photos, these were taken whilst I was still learning and we have a better camera now!

We have over 1,000 finds and are currently looking for a permanent home to not only store but also to display full-time. Though all the finds are recorded, only the pre-Modern pottery is catalogued. We are hoping to be in a position to catalogue everything over the next couple of years.


Early-Middle Saxon Ware – 5th-9th century

St Neots Ware – AD900-1100

Medieval Grey Sandy Ware – Mid 11th-14th century

Medieval Sandy Ware – 12th-14th century

Red Earthenware – 16th-19th century



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