The Wing Archaeology Project has been running since 2013. We have carried out 34 test pits in various locations around the village and outlying regions. We are now supported by the Mick Aston Fund through the Council for British Archaeology and English Heritage. The grant enabled us to purchase equipment to carry on the test pits for at least another year. We are also looking at other funding to allow us to develop the project further.

The process currently involves test pits in gardens and fields, however we are looking into extending into covering geophys and trench work. The project runs from April to October with a break in August. Volunteers are always welcome on the digs, please contact the Project Leader, Sarah at

Below are the links to the past dig details as well as those of the future:-

2013   2014  2015  Festival 2015

Pottery report- Test Pits 1-24 

Pottery Distribution Maps 2013-4

Pottery Report 2015

Roman Distribution Maps

Saxon Distribution Map

Saxo-Norman Distribution Map

Medieval Distribution Map

Have a look at the Mick Aston masterclass on how test pits are carried out:-

If you are interested or have any questions, contact us at


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