Digs 2017

These are our Test Pits for 2017.

Test Pit 40 – Vicarage Lane

Back again! No sign of that ditch yet, but we did find the auger report was correct with a change in colour at 120cm. Currently looking at the finds so will update once we have reached some conclusions!


Test Pit 41- Church Street

This was an interesting one as it was in the region of a number of digs over the last few years. We were doing a photo shoot at the same time with Cotswold Archaeology! The finds are still being processed but we had some older pieces as well as modern.


Test Pit 42 – Leighton Road Allotments

This was our first foray into the Allotments. Not far from the A418 we still managed to pick up some nice pieces, including firsts such as a lace bobbin. We are still processing finds so will update when completed.