Digs 2016

Test Pits for 2016

Test Pit 35 – Vicarage Lane

This was our first dig of the season. We were once again trying to find that elusive ditch! Though it was a lovely day for a dig, we didn’t find much pottery this time, a few bits of modern and a few post-medieval. We found a drain, which probably explained the lack of finds. Try again next year!



Test Pit 36 – Church Street

This was a second trip back to Church Street. The topsoil was full of finds again, including a human tooth! Found another two policeman’s button to add to the collection from this property. We found a potential post-hole, though probably post-medieval. The site again revealed the burning and clay layers from last year.


Test Pit 37 – Vicarage Lane

This was a new part of Vicarage Lane for us, next to the graveyard. We had so many volunteers for this dig that we opened up two test pits. This first one was dug in an area of the garden that had a significant dip in the grass. We discovered what was making the dip, a kiln type structure under the grass. Sadly we ran out of time to excavate to the bottom!

Test Pit 38 – Vicarage Lane

This was the second test pit. Unfortunately, we only got as far as the top soil as it was very deep, the weather was awful and TP 37 took a lot of our attention when the sun shone! We did get some clay pipes and various items of pottery.


Test Pit 39 – Recreation Ground.

We were really lucky to have the Museum of London (MOLA) to carry out a geophys report for us with the Recreation Ground. We knew some of the history, farmstead and then a gravel pit. Sadly, all the good soundings were under the football pitch. We decided to try just outside it on a potential anomaly. We had either hit too close to the original laying of the pitch, or the gas pipeline so found very little. The anomalies could be accounted for by the gravel.