Heritage Walk and dig update

Hi all, it has been ages since a last post so thought I would thank all those who attended mine and Elaine’s walk on the Dormer’s. For those who missed it we are hoping to put the information on here so keep looking!!

On another note the digs are going really well at the moment, though we have decided to stop in September for a break and start again next Spring. So if you haven’t put your garden down yet and think it is too late, or no time this year, then why not for next!!


Wing Parish Council History

Wing Parish Council History

When going through files a couple of months ago the picture of the first Wing Rural District Council in 1894 came to light and a printed history up until 1987. This has now been added to the Parish Council website and can be visited by the link. If anyone knows who has written this and when then please let me know so I can properly credit it. Thank you