Sad news

Martin, our archaeologist, is sadly having to move away from the village due to the firm going into receivership. He will still be back for the digs this year but he has had to stand down as Secretary of the Group.

Without Martin we certainly would not have been in the position we are today. He has been enthusiastic and a brilliant teacher. The amount of work that he has done for the group is amazing. We have all learnt so much under his guidance. He, and his partner Rachel, will be sadly missed within the village. So thank you for everything that you have done Martin.

Thanks also to Archaeological Services and Consultancy. Their involvement has been invaluable. They have given their expertise for free, loaned equipment for dig weekends, printed posters and leaflets, and been their for support. Thanks also has to go to Alastair who has been in the background but has helped us no end. We hope that all of those from ASC who stay around the area will still visit and lend a hand and good luck to all in your new lives.

It is firms like ASC that make projects like this viable and allow a strong community involvement, archaeology will be poorer without it.

As for the future, the digs will start again in May and a list will be added to the website as soon as it has been formalised. If you would like to get involved then please email

Chair, Wing Heritage Group

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