A Personal Message

I would like to thank all those that have made this project possible, and the enthusiasm of the village to get behind it and support it. Special thanks goes to Martin Cuthbert and Archaeological Services and Consultancy Ltd who has given up so much time to this project, and of course Rachel for putting up with it all and joining in!

When I was faced with trying to find something to write about in our first Neighbourhood Plan forums in November 2011 I was at a loss. I also thought that nobody would be that interested. How wrong I was! It became clear that people wanted to know but the information wasn’t available or was mixed up. From those first forums came the Heritage section of the Neighbourhood Plan, followed by Martin offering his services with a community archaeology project. A year later and we have already achieved so much and what I thought was a dream 18 months ago is now a reality.

Who were the Dormer family?
Is it really a castle on Castle Hill?
How old is the church?
How old is Wing?
Where is Cottesloe?
Just some of the questions that keep cropping up and we are hoping to be able to answer properly at some point in the future.

So we have a lot of work left to do, lots of research and digging. A lot of the basic information we find will go in our Neighbourhood Plan and we have highlighted it as an important part of our vision for Wing in the next 15 years. To be able to recognise what we have here will be a great achievement and one that we hope will give everyone pride in historic Wing.

Thank you all for your support, your gardens and your patience!

Cllr Sarah Roe, BA (Hons) Hist (Open)
Vice-Chair, Wing Parish Council

August update

We are currently having a break from the digs, but we will be doing one last effort during October so we will keep you posted. We are also signing up more gardens for next year as well as looking for more volunteers. We will also be finishing off the list from left from this year.

In November we will be holding a couple of events to finish off the archaeology year, but it doesn’t stop there! Over the winter the next phase will be researching as much as possible. If you have any documents or stories relating to Wing it would be really good to hear about them.

The Rev Witchell has very kindly given us permission to publish articles of the Parish magazines from the First World War this will also be updated through the winter. The Rev Tatham kept the village of Wing abreast of the comings and goings of the men fighting in the war, those who were living in Wing and also those who were posted at various times with their regiments in the village and the information contained in the magazine is fascinating.

So keep checking back!