Monthly Archives: March 2013

Moorhills House

We are looking for information on Moorhills House, now Redwood Drive. We know that it was there in the 1970s but only have maps to go on. Does anyone have pictures or an idea of how old the house was? We know what happened to it, Jubilee Green is part of the original grounds, but what was it like?

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who has been in touch one way or another. Making a list this morning and sending out emails I had a double-take with the number I was sending out! We have had such a great response but keep the help coming! Without the people of Wing, Burcott and Ascott to offer their support we wouldn’t have a project!


Soon we will be going out and digging in people’s gardens. What will we find? What will it tell us about Wing? Exciting opportunities to find out who we are. Some of you will be new to Wing, others part of old families going back generations. Whatever your interest it will be an amazing few months and something we are all looking forward to!

March update

We are now in the process of setting dates so will update the website very soon! We want this project to involve as many people as possible so if you know someone who may be interested pass our details along!


Thanks to Leighton Buzzard and District Historical and Archaeological Society we are now proud owners of 2 1920s maps as well as the field names of Ascott. The maps are in need of repair but once mended they will be available during the times we are out and about in the village.

Interesting bits

If you have anything that might be interesting for the project then please let us know. If it is precious we can take a copy or photo of it so you can safely keep it. My latest find was a book on tactical bombing stamped with Sergeant’s Mess, RAF Wing. Now sitting on my desk as part if the project.

We are getting there!

If you have been in touch with us but not heard back, don’t worry it is a very busy time at the moment and we willlbe in touch with a newsletter very soon. So much exciting work is going on that I am losing track!